Unclear on the Concept: 15th Ave. Coffee's "Pour-Over"

This weekend, I stopped in again at 15th-Ave.-Coffee-and-Tea-inspired-by-Starbucks, where you can request your drip coffee be made the regular way, with a Clover, or with a "pour-over" filter. The last time I visited, I was underwhelmed by the baristas' Clover skills -- if you really want to see what a Clover can do, go to Trabant -- so this time I asked for a cup of Sidamo made via pour-over. The counterwoman ground up a few ounces of coffee, spooned it into a ceramic cone fitted with a paper filter, and then carefully poured hot water over top.

It was the shittiest cup of coffee I've been handed in Seattle.

I could see halfway to the bottom of the 12-ounce cup, and I've drunk Darjeelings more potent than the thin, flavorless liquid I paid >$3 for (including tip). I dumped the contents out into a grassy sidewalk strip, folded up the paper cup and hid it in my back pocket, and marched up the street to Victrola, which served me a proper cup of coffee.

Starbucks may be copying the pour-over setup from the Bay Area's Bluebottle Coffee, but the corporation can't train its staff to use it. Perhaps the muckity-mucks who want to bring Starbucks into the Third Wave era should print and distribute Zoka's instructions on how to use the world's simplest, cheapest coffee-making device.

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