Tunnel of Grub

Light rail is here and it is amazing. Riding public transportation is, of course, a great way to see the city in a new way. (Who knew there were beautiful murals hiding on the back sides of warehouses in SODO?) But really, now that light rail has arrived, you have no excuse not to eat your way through explore a new neighborhood.

el delicioso II.jpg
In ten minutes, you can go from standing downtown to standing at the intersection of Mexico and the Philippines on Beacon Hill. Within just a few blocks there's La Cabana Restaurant, La Benediction Tienda Mexicana (home of heavenly tamales), El Quetzal, Kusina Filipina, and Inay's. El Quetzal, whose menu is stocked with treats straight out of the Distrito Federal, serves a mean huarache gigante with chorizo and nopales, as well as pambazos the size of the faces they're being stuffed into. Also seen last night but not sampled: the sign for El Delicioso Deli, apparently located inside the ABC Supermarket. Anyone been?

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