Restaurant Reviews: Ribs, Ribs, and Yakisoba!

At the Times, Nancy Leson goes on a rib-roarin rampage, rolling from Caspar's in Bothell down to Pig Iron in Georgetown, sampling baby backs and sides all the way. If we were Facebook friends, Voracious would totally send Nancy a virtual case of Tums. In the Dining Deals section, Michael Upchurch hearts the yakisoba at the Oasis Cafe on Pike Street.

Turns out, while Nancy was hitting Willie's, the Stranger's Brendan Kiley was down the street, stuffing himself on ribs and green-bean casserole at Gert's Barbecue Truck in Columbia City.

At Tasting Menu/the New P-I, Hillel Cooperman raves about the two-day-old (now three!) Delancey in Ballard.

Surly Gourmand gives some warm fuzzies to Jack's Tapas Cafe. Mentions of your mom: 3. Mentions of your grandma (i.e., escalation): 4. Black Sabbath, sodomy, Voltron: all 1.

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