Product Whore: The Only Decent Almost Pre-Made Peanut Sauce

You might walk by this deck of cards sized box of peanut dressing, available at Uwajimaya for $2.49 per box, a million times while you waste endless amounts on crappy, overly sweet, inexplicably vinegary peanut sauce in jars. Never satisfied, you buy a new peanut sauce every few months, hoping to hit on something that resembles the stuff from your favorite Thia restaurant.

Forget the phrase "instant salad dressing," and forget the box. Enak Eco's Bumbu Pacel is even better than whatever peanut sauce from Plato's cave you're trying to relive. Basically just peanuts, garlic, peppers and lime leaf, one big whiff of this brick of goo immediately separates it from the land of disappointing sauces. To make the entire pack, you start with three ounces of hot water and mix like crazy, adding more liquid to a desired consistency. That's a ton of peanut sauce; so it's best to divide it into cubes to reserve the rest for leftovers or another meal. It has true peanut flavor, a spicy zing that dances on the tongue, and that pretty, soothing aroma of kaffir lime leaf. I've got some Snoqualmie vanilla in the freezer, and I'm looking at you, blender... Is that wrong?

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