Product Whore: Guayaki's Clean Energy Shooter

They sell it at Whole Foods, so it must be good, right? Guayaki, a popular brand of yerba mate products, has chosen to package its organic energy shot in the same style of packaging as the various caffeinated, stay-awake shooters you see lining the counters of highway quickie marts. No accident there, I'm sure. The shot has yerba mate extract AND powder, goji berry, a giant dose of B12 and, of course, caffeine, among other things. It bills itself as clean energy, making the point that it's all natural, organic, sustainable, vegetarian, and kosher and helps protect the rainforest. Phew!

The two-ounce shot contains only 140mg of caffeine per serving and a tiny warning that the product is not recommended for "persons sensitive to caffeine." That's not so much of a boost for your average latte-fueled Northwesterner. (A single shot of espresso has around 40mg of caffeine, and a cup of drip coffee can contain 70 to 100mg, depending on the strength.) It does taste exactly like Tenzing Momo smells, instead of that completely unnatural old-Mountain-Dew-mixed-with-paint-flavor aroma of most energy drinks. If you're in to that kinda stuff (like 50 percent of the service industry) and love caffeine, now you can be environmentally responsible and jacked up.

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