7 Things I Learned On Voracious This Week

-- According to Mike Seely, Beth's doesn't even rank among the city's top five diners.

-- This is the same guy who voluntarily drinks Busch, the champagne of Aurora.

-- Jonathan Kauffman claims he stays anonymous to preserve the integrity of his reviews. I know he does it so the restaurant establishment doesn't out him for keeping a tab at IHOP.

-- Yum! Brands owns KFC and Taco Bell. And they think a Volcano Menu is a good idea.

-- Maggie Savarino still can't get over the fact that she has to pay more for her in-house gin and gin.

-- Starbucks' 15th Avenue Coffee serves shitty coffee. SHOCKER!

-- Angela Garbes and I met back in the day. I reminded her of the fact this week and she totally did a good job pretending to remember. Welcome to the blog, Angela.

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