Starbucks' New Cafe Concept: Copy Linda D.?

Notice anything, oh, I don't know, familiar about the Starbucks space getting a makeover on 15th Avenue East? At first I noticed the color of the space's exterior, which is now the same color as restaurant/bar Smith next door. Then...

I noticed the reclaimed wood on the side of the space, which is just like the planter box at Smith next door. Then I noticed the door, which is... you get where I'm going with this. Inside the new Starbucks, which may or may not actually be called a Starbucks when all is said and done, the lights are the same old warehouse lighting as Oddfellows and chalkboards framed with reclaimed wood inside the space declare "inspired by Starbucks." Cough... cough... Not that "reclaimed old stuff" is a Linda Derschang-specific design style, who designed the aforementioned spaces with partner Sterling Voss, but I did think that Smith was expanding for a second, before sneaking in to the space under renovation.

Maybe it's the retail equivalent of Single White Female... Ever seen it? Where Jennifer Jason Leigh wants to be cool just like Bridget Fonda and then tries to kill her to take her boyfriend? Linda: If Howard Schultz starts dying his hair blond and wearing super hot, strappy shoes... GET OUT OF THERE! RUN! IT'S NOT SAFE!

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