Soak It Up with Nacho Cheese at The Breakfast Club

Chantal Anderson
The special of the day: English muffin, eggs, nacho cheese, pico de gallo and hash browns.

Soak Spot: The Breakfast Club, 12306 Lake City Way, Lake City

Time of the Soak: Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. The place was

empty except for two men with thick mustaches and mullet-esque hair cuts.

Level of Hangover: I'll just say I wasn't as hung over as I should have been to appreciate the greasy, charbroiled, all-American breakfast I put down.

Soaking Sustenance: I ordered the special of the day, a $9.25 grilled English muffin, topped with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese sauce, hash browns, and sourdough bread. When the food arrived, I was thrilled to see the portions were huge, (a must for any soak spot), but was immediately dismayed to find my three scrambled eggs were swamped in a shiny, artificial, coating of 7th-grade cafeteria nacho cheese. I gulped a few bites down and then switched to working on my heavily buttered sourdough bread. Hands down, the best part of the breakfast was the hash browns. Chunks of deep fried potatoes, crispy and charbroiled, reminded me of the kind my Grandma used to cook. It was the ultimate comfort food-- even if I left feeling as large as Jabba the Hutt.

Hair of the Dog: Orange juice in a chilled glass.

Success of the Soak:If I was a 250-pound brawny fisherman this meal might have hit the spot. Or maybe if I had drank myself to total inebriation the night before. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is what made the trip to Lake City worth it. The place defines eclectic: a few Christmas lights dangle from the ceiling, an old hutch is filled with knick-knacks from at least 30 years ago, and the walls of the restaurant look just like Grandma's refrigerator door. Sure, the food may have just been okay. But the familiar homey semblance will keep me visiting again, regardless.

Chantal Anderson

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