Running of the Bulls: Tuesday at Txori

For the next week, Txori Restaurant (2207 Second Ave.) will celebrate the traditional Basque festival of San Fermin, best known for the annual running of the bulls. Tomorrow at 8:00pm, you have the opportunity to run with bulls of a different sort. Expect a ton of imagination in the form of papier mache, costumes, and tricked out grocery carts, as teams from area restaurants and businesses chase participants/runners down the alley behind the restaurant.

The cost to run, $20, goes toward the Puget Sound Blood Bank and gets you a t-shirt, and last year's event was decently attended. "People really went all out and dressed up. We didn't know what to expect, and it was hilarious. This year we're ready for a bigger crowd," says Joey Serquinia, who runs the kitchen at Txori. And bigger bulls. Participants are encouraged to wear tradition bull-running attire, all white with a red hat and or scarf. This so kicks 4th of July's ass. To participate, call Txori at 204-9771 to get on the list.

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