Queen Anne's Herpes Quadrangle: Pesos Isn't Expanding, It's A New Pick-Up Joint

It won't be the same but fear not, you can probably still get laid there.
A friend just noted a recent Seattlest post saying that the Peso's expansion dangerously tips the meat market scales in Seattle. Quoth Seattlest: "Upon completion of the expansion, the Peso's block will now qualify as Seattle's official resident embassy for the City of Kirkland."

The pick-up-ableness of Lower Queen Anne (of both one-night stands and the diseases they come with) was documented in early 2008 by Halley Griffin, a brave and unflinching intern. Griffin launched an investigation into the life of the party at Ozzie's, Chopstix, and Peso's, concluding that the herpes triangle had indeed made the leap from South Lake Union (where heteros would hang out and make bad choices in the 90s) to Q.A.

However, the Seattlest post is incorrect in saying that the remodel occurring on Queen Anne Ave. is an expansion.

Back in April 2008, Peso's owner Brian Hutmacher got a liquor license to open a New Orleans-themed joint, Toulouse. That's still the plan, says the woman who answers the phone at Peso's. So no signature Margaritas, but somehow I expect you'll still be able to find a stiff drink and a willing bed-mate.

The new restaurant was originally scheduled to open at the end of last year. But then there was that legal skirmish with the Matador. Toulouse is now supposed to open sometime in the next couple of months. Ready the mini-skirts and a box of condoms!

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