Olive Way Attracts Another Microbar

Looks like a bar is moving in to the 600-ish-square-foot old Anne Bonny space at 1655 Olive Way, angling to be a quaint little date spot. The trend on this stretch of Capitol Hill seems to be with the diminutive: The Buck and Knee High certainly register as teeny tiny, and I'd also count the Saint, since the bar itself sits few, as well as Dinette, whose charming bar area only seats eight.

This also means Knee High will have head-to-head competition. I sure hope they drop the speakeasy tack. I do not think it means what they think it means. Maybe Knee High should measure to see if the bar can go for "smallest bar on the hill," or just call the place an "unmarked bar." Do something to distinguish itself other than throwing around the word "speakeasy," because IT'S NOT, and that's annoying. But what do I care, really? By the time you read this my ass will be flying tipsy -- and on vacation -- somewhere over the North Pole.

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