New-School Ice Cream Truck Appears

A few weeks ago, Chantal Anderson reported on the fierce competition among ice-cream truck drivers in Seattle and Tacoma, but that hasn't deterred one more truck from hitting the streets.

Parfait Ice Cream takes its cue more from Skillet Street Food than Tastee Freez. Parfait is beginning its second weekend in Seattle, with a gorgeous brown-and-gold truck dispensing organic, handmade, locally sourced ice creams.

Adria Shimada, who trained as a pastry chef in the Bay Area before moving to Seattle, is starting off small with just two appearances a week. She's partnering with Fiore Coffee and is parking in front of the cafe's Queen Anne location on Galer and 3rd on Friday afternoons, 2-5 p.m., and in front of the Crown Hill cafe on N.W. 85th St. and 32nd Ave. N.W. Saturdays, 2-5.

She makes a Fiore Coffee ice cream, of course, as well as vanilla, chocolate, Meyer lemon bar, blueberry (ice cream), mint stracchiatella, hazelnut, and a handful of other flavors. She makes every batch from scratch, she says, eschewing the ice cream bases that many of Seattle's new ice cream makers purchase from commercial dairies.

And of course, like any good mobile street-food vendor, Parfait is on Twitter: @parfaiticecream.

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