The Safeway Eat Locally Campaign

Chantal Anderson

In this week's feature on hipsters and locavores, I wrote about Safeway's new "Locally Grown" campaign. Here's the Washington state sign from the campaign, which intern Chantal Anderson photographed at the University Village store.

The campaign is still being rolled out. As of 10 days ago, when I was writing up the article, the University Village Safeway was the only store that had posted all the materials, while the Ballard store had a few "Locally Grown" signs plastered around the produce section and the 15th Ave. store in Capitol Hill had nothing -- the produce department rep I spoke to hadn't even heard of the campaign.

Chantal Anderson

I learned about the campaign from my friend and fellow critic Meredith Brody in San Francisco, who blogged about spotting the signs in the Bay Area a few weeks ago. Look for them in a Safeway near you! Er, or just shop at your local farmers market. (I personally look for bargains at the flower stands. They're not certified organic, but they're tasty, minimally sprayed if not de facto organic, and cheaper than their Safeway counterparts.)

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