Date Night Couples Class

If you're part of a couple who looks at cooking as a chore to get through instead of as a romantic way to spend an evening (or maybe you feel take-out is safer than standing together in a kitchen holding sharp knives?), you might want to look at Blue Ribbon Cooking School's upcoming date-night couples class: Traditional Italian Nights with Italian Wine Tasting. It starts with a couple of calming cocktails before students move into dishes like homemade spaghetti with mussels and a light tomato sauce, chicken piccata, and grilled Italian vegetables. It ends with the two of you eating at a waterfront table with roses, candles, wine pairings, and, if all goes well, a realization that cooking together doesn't have to end in bloodshed. $155 per couple. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tue., Jul. 7.

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