Who's Under the Microscope This Week?

Seattle restaurants undergoing critical scrutiny this week:

At the Times, Kyung Song tackles this week's Dining Deal column on Kristos Eastlake, giving it mild (that's one step up from faint) praise, while Providence Cicero shows some love to Sutra, the vegan restaurant in Wallingford.

Hillel Cooperman at tastingmenu (the blog he contributes to along with Dana Cree, pastry chef of Poppy) announces that Tastingmenu is partnering with the new online P-I to provide restaurant reviews. Cooperman's first official review: his favorite dish at Red Bowls downtown.

Wright Eats visits the new buffet brunch at the Corson Building, and as usual, take amazing photos.

The Surly Gourmand visits Fresh Bistro and describes the restaurant as looking "like Elemental and an Applebee's fucked." Not surprisingly, a love for black metal is proclaimed. Number of words in all caps: 34.

At the Stranger, David Schmader writes up his visits to Cafe Flora post-remodel, giving it a passing grade but no easy A.

Bustle, a new coffeehouse on the corner of Fifth and McGraw at the top of Queen Anne Hill, is boasting Antibassi coffee from Italy, the same served as at Tutta Bella. With other coffee chains (coughStarbuckscough) not doing so hot lately, Bustle might have an actual shot around here.

The Porterhouse, a popular restaurant and alehouse in Mt. Vernon, is opening up a second location in West Seattle in the space vacated by Blackbird Bistro last fall. This new location will have one major change from its Mt. Vernon counterpart: all ages are welcome.

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