Solidarity and Fromage: 1000 French Cocktail Hours, June 4th

The first Thursday of June, in this case tomorrow, is the day to celebrate and hold a French Cocktail Hour, an annual worldwide event for the past six years. This year, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is focusing on the home party, in light of America's tough economic times. The French government originally hatched the cocktail hour to promote French wine and cheese at home and abroad. You can sign up your house party and upload your photos and blog posts to:

Drink some French rose (see this post for suspects), throw on some Edith Piaf or Yves Montagne, and cut some cheese. I recommend Roquefort if you can find it, so you can celebrate France and George W. Bush's enemy number one. You thought it was Bin Laden? Nope. It's Roquefort. Look it up. I'm going for the gooiest button of Chaource I can find, leave it on the window sill, and cut the top off for instant fondue, served with a rosé cremant as cold as I can get it.

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