Review Roundup: Who's at the Judges' Table This Week?

Here are this week's restaurant reviews:

At the Times, Providence Cicero shows some love to the crawfish boils at Crawfish King, the Vietnamese Cajun restaurant in the ID. Meanwhile, over in the Dining Deals section, Nicole Tsong gives props to the Elliott Bay Cafe, Brasa owner Tamara Murphy's new spot underneath the Pioneer Square bookstore.

Over at the Stranger, the staff members write about their favorite sandwiches, from the let's-not-call-it-authentic-but-delicious-anyway reubens at I Love New York Deli to the sandwiches made by Maria at the QFC Deli, who can apparently inject true love between the buns.

At Tastingmenu/New P-I, Hillel Cooperman gets gushy about the icing-cake magic that happens at Trophy Cupcakes.

Pat My Butter decides he/she loves Homegrown Sandwiches despite, not because, of their whole sustainabiity thing.

Jay Friedman at Gastrolust is not down with the foams, flans, and fried bits at Fresh Bistro in West Seattle, but he does love their way with a beet.

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