Chefs in Residence, Every Saturday at University District Farmers Market

Call it Chef in Residence or Stump the Chef. If you frequent the University District farmers market you can get pro advice on what to do with a pluot, five different kind of potatoes , weird greens or anything else you pick up at the market. Beginning this weekend, from 10:00am to 12:00 noon every Saturday, chefs and food personalities from around the Seattle area will take turns manning an "Ask the Chef" booth at the market. Get the lowdown on heirloom vegetables, when the time is right for nectarines, or bring your bag of your loot and ask the experts what they'd cook with it all. I know I'm guilty of going off to the market half cocked all the time, ending up with a bag of great stuff...and absolutely no plan.

The lineup is very diverse and kicks off with the Canlis brothers and the restaurant's chef Jason Franey this Saturday. You can check out the full schedule through the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance HERE.

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