Best Press Release Award: Extreme Pencil Fighting

(alternate post title: There Will Be Blood) Next Thursday, June 25th, the Rendezvous will host the World Extreme Pencil Fighting Championships, run by locals Jake Stratton (vocalist for BloodHag, roving commentator) and Owen Shaw (comedian). Featuring a host of local characters competing for prizes and glory, this pencil fighting competition takes a schoolyard pastime and elevates it to competitive sport along the lines of semi-pro wrestling. In a decision of daring do, audience members will have a chance to participate (hope there are release forms).

For those of you who choose to forget the ridiculous acts of self-maiming committed in the midst of childhood boredom, pencil fighting requires one player to hold a pencil horizontally while the other, the striker, swipes down with his pencil, trying to break the holder's in two. First pencil to break loses, winner advances. Based on the email alone, it sounds like hilarity will definitely ensue, especially if the crowd shows up early enough to be respectably sauced.

World Extreme Pencil Fighting Chamionships

Jewelbox Theater at the Rendezvous (21 and over)

Thursday, June 25th, doors at 7:30pm, show at 8:00pm, $6

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