The Food Section: Outer Skirts and Bluefin Stockpiling

A few of the food news stories making their way around Webland:

Sacrificio, Houston style: Fajitas are traditionally made with a cut of beef called the outer skirt steak, but when Robb Walsh discovers 90 percent of it is exported to Japan, he goes in search of what's currently being marketed as "fajita meat" and ends up hacking away at a cow carcass. (Houston Press. Full disclosure: he mentions me.)

Mo markets, mo problems: Rebekah Denn reports on the opening of four new farmers markets in Seattle. She also asks, once again, how many markets are too many? (Eat All About It)

Schadenfreude guilt alert: Should I be happy that RoundUp manufacturer Monsanto is laying off staff because pesticide sales are 14% down? If only I knew it was for the right reasons. (St. Louis Today)

Now here's a sensible study: Not only does it show that people who eat more healthfully live longer, it admits you don't have to eat like a nutritionist. (BusinessWeek)

Me, I'm hoarding dodo eggs: Mitsubishi is stocking up on deep, deep-frozen bluefin tuna. They say they're aiming for a constant supply; others are charging them with preparing for the extinction of the tuna population. (Take Part)

Bonus link: Jennifer LaRue Huget at the Washington Post makes the same no-duh point I've been ranting about all week: Is it really that hard to make your own Toll House cookie dough? It takes 5 minutes and no beaters. I've been licking the spoon for 30-something years now and have never gotten sick.

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