Shultzy's: Feels Like Lunch, SBW Pairing Event 5/13

I miss Chicago the most at lunchtime. In Chicago, places that do lunch -- be it a tavern, deli, sit down, or fancy place -- have a hustle and bustle to them, and people DRINK. (OK, this is only a brief "I'm a transplant and things are better where I come from" rant.) Seattle just doesn't lunch. Sure, people go out and eat food between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm, but rarely do I find myself in a place with any cacophony or hubbub come the midday meal.

Enter Shultzy's in the U-District. Walk in here at 12:45pm and every seat is full, 75% of the people have a beer in front of them, soccer is on the tele, and you can barely hear yourself think. The sausage sandwiches hit the spot, and the fries are freakishly crispy and shoestring. (pictured: The Chatalas, ragin' cajun patty with cheese and grilled onions, slaw added to sandwich right after photo)

On Wednesday night (May 13), in honor of Seattle Beer Week, Shultzy's will serve special hopped-up sausages made by master sausage maker Don Schulze, who's aiming for a mild and a spicy hopwurst. Beer Week co-organizer Mike Baker will be on hand to pair them and more with appropriate imports, most definitely sporting lederhosen. ("I look badass in lederhosen," says Mike.) For more details, check out Shultzy's blog.

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