Nostalgic > Tragic: Broadway Siam Closes

Siam on Broadway will close, just as another Thai restaurant sprouts from the building rehab across the street, Rom Mai Thai (613 Broadway E., still have to check it out). I don't know what's up with that end of Broadway, except the same owners of the building that houses(ed) Siam also own the Jade Pagoda building (which is obviously condemned). Doesn't take a genius to smell condos in the breeze.

Lynda, Siam on Broadway's owner, was offered what I would call an "eff you lease," after her current lease was to expire. If she wanted to stay in the space, she would agree to a month to month lease with the owners of the building only having to give ten days notice for the restaurant to vacate the premises should they want to sell the building or terminate the lease. You just can't operate a restaurant under those conditions. I eavesdropped this over my tom kah gai--you never know who slurps next to you...

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