Norm's Drops Bud Prices Below the Beltre

One of the greatest sports-related drink specials of all time occurred a couple years back, when the Fremont forty-purveyor Norm's began offering Bud and Bud Light bottles for the price of Richie Sexson's batting average, which worked out to a customary customer fork-over of like a buck-ninety. Well, now that third baseman Adrian Beltre is every bit as bad as Sexson once was -- last night's two-for-four explosion raised his batting average to .207 and broke and oh-for-nineteen slump -- Norm's is "taking a tit below the Beltre," says bartender Brad Cunnell, and pricing Budweiser products to match the $13-million man's woeful plate percentage.

Adds Cunnell: "As a fan, I was not sorry to see Sexson go, but he was good for business." If Beltre continues to suck, expect him to light up the Leary Way cash registers as well.

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