May 6-13 Is World Cocktail Week, Tini Bigs to Celebrate

Bloody hell. What with Beer Week and now World Cocktail Week, too, it's the imbibing perfecta the next seven days in Seattle for those who actually need a reason. Wine? Would you like to weigh in, too? No? M'kay. Try to keep up with the rest of the kids...

Before you go and using all your party like a verb this weekend, keep Tini Bigs in the back of your mind for Monday and Tuesday, May 11-12. Mr. Jamie Boudreau will create a short list of cocktails both straight from and based on the very first cocktail recipe book of Jerry Thomas, the barfather, in honor of World Cocktail Week. I'm stopping in for a whiskey cobbler: bourbon with blackberries, peach bitters, and soda, a warm-weather favorite of mine. You can also use this opportunity to try a most faithful version of the martinez, ancestor to the martini and a drink that skillfully blends gin and Italian vermouth.

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