Marination: The Truck Is Here.

OK, first let me say that the Marination truck is a thing of brutish beauty, a giant steel blue hulk of a food wagon, with the bumper of a tank and tricked out side windows that allow for a complete open kitchen view. I got lucky and was able to sample part of the menu at a staff tasting on Friday night. I came away stuffed, with plans to tattoo the truck's time table on my inner forearm. (highlights after the jump...)

Tacos: The menu features kalbi beef, tofu marinated in the same kalbi style (might even top Baguette Box tofu), miso ginger chicken, and a pork that isn't quite asador, isn't quite barbeque. That pork sauce had my favorite style of heat, like a bass note that seemed to slowly build after the first bit. The tacos come with a signature nunia sauce. WHen I asked what it was, I got "none ya bizness."

Sliders, kahlua pork and Spam: Traditional, melt in your mouth Hawaiian slow-cooked pork can't go wrong. Marination grinds Spam and makes a type of meatloaf mixture for more of a patty, and the effect makes all the difference. (The truck will also serve Spam musubi.)

Kimchi quesadilla: Kimchi and pork with a Mexican cheese blend, the pro move of this little number is the fried cheese caked to the outside of the tortilla Kimchi fried rice with a soft cooked egg: I christen thee the official drunk entrée of Capitol Hill. The portion above is half the size of what Marination will serve.

So you wanna have your own food truck? The bar just got raised,son; but by all means, the more the merrier. Marination's inspection is today, so if all goes well look for the truck as early as next week.

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