KFC: Second Chance at Redemption

Remember that post I posted last week -- one day late -- about KFC offering free samples of its new grilled chicken? Apparently, the promotion was a complete fail, or else Oprah Winfrey took the company up on its offer (she's a penny pincher, that one) and then decided to save America by reducing our fryer-oil consumption.

Our music editor just sent me a link to this coupon, which is swarming the Twittosphere. Oh, America, Oprah is buying you all two-piece samplers, to which I can only respond: WTF.

You have until 7:59 p.m. tomorrow night to print out the coupon, which you can then redeem until May 19 (with the exception of Sunday, May 10, because apparently the Lord only approves of the Colonel's original recipe on His day). As for my thoughts on KFC/grilled chicken/KFC locations near you, I refer you to my original post.

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