Free Tickets For Two Food Movies at SIFF

We've got a couple contests going for our Seattle Weekly Insiders where you can win two free tickets to a screening of either Food, Inc. or Know Your Mushrooms. You must be signed up as an Insider to enter, which you can do HERE (being an Insider simply means you can receive any of our email newsletters -- no spamming allowed).

Robert Kenner's Food, Inc. details the practices of the corporations behind the bulk of our nation's food supply, in the tradition of Michael Moore. It will scare the ever-lovin' piss out of you, but I hope it at least puts the name Monsanto in the front of everyone's mind. The screening is Sunday, May 31, 7:00pm at the Egyptian Theater. You can enter to win tickets HERE. (You must be signed in to see the "enter to win" box.)

Documentary filmmaker Rob Mann's Know Your Mushrooms follows a group of mycophiles at the Telluride Mushroom Festival. So many jokes... too easy... The film delves into all of the joyful and healthful benefits of mushrooms. The screening is Friday, May 29, 9:30pm at Pacific Place. You can enter to win tickets HERE.

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