Cinebarre and Marination Mobile

Sometimes I'm amazed at how humans choose to consume food. If you think about other species or just the beta versions of our own species, every one of their meals are consumed raw and the result of a day's worth of pursuit. A couple soon to open food experiences, Cinebarre and Marination Mobile, got me wondering if you can make eating anymore awesome than it is.

The former is a movie-theatre slash restaurant in Mountlake Terrace opening this Friday. According to Rebekah Denn, Cinebarre will have eight theaters showing first-run movies, and the menu will consist of freshly made casual items. It's important to note that for the time being the theater is 21+ due to some issue with the liquor control board.

Marination Mobile, pending inspection, will be open early next week, and our own Maggie Savarino got the inside scoop on the menu. A delicious looking blend of Korean barbecue with a Mexican twist is sure to draw lines, so get there early. Once they do get up and running they will be making stops in Fremont, SODO, Ballard, and Capitol Hill.

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