Top Tamales: La Benedicion Tienda Mexicana

I am an unapologetic tamale snot; so thanks to photog Andrea J. Walker who offered the hot tip to Beacon Hill, but no directions, though I found my way anyway...guided by masa. La Benedicion (2556 Beacon Ave. S.) is an unassuming little Mexican grocery with a case full of Mexican concha and pastries, and a cooler full of beautiful snow white queso fresco. You will see no evidence of hot, ready to eat food; so don't be shy to ask for the tamale selection of the day.

These tamales? So fresh, they make me tear up, from the jutting little flaps of escaping masa in their husky wrappings to the impossibly soft chicken within. These tamales have never known the freezer. Their texture leads me to believe they never even knew yesterday. Don't everyone go at once. I ate mine HERE, under the cherry blossoms.

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