Seattle Beer Week: Dogfish Head, Schmaltz, Freaks

Our local breweries are playing home team and host to a tremendous line up of visiting brewers, breweries, and beers, all taking part in some pretty cool events...

Monday, May 11th, Kulture Freaks: Brouwer's Cafe will host a night of ridiculously special limited-edition beers on tap with Dogfish Head (no intro needed, right?) and Shmaltz Brewing Company (makers of HE'BREW and Coney Island craft lagers). A floor show will include a darker side of belly dancing, live painting by Kevin Sullivan, music and Donny Vomit, MC of the Coney Island sideshow and recent recipient of his own signature brew, Human Blockhead. Attend this event to understand the name.

Shmaltz owner Jeremy Cowan and Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione will be in attendance; so you'll want to be punctual. The place will be packed not only for what looks to be a great show and awesome beers, but also Sam garners much man love in the brew world. (Seriously, dudes, it's a little creepy. You really should control yourselves, or I guess you could just further explore those feelings...)

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