Respect a Lima Bean Day

We have some very strange national food holidays, for sure. The lima bean has its day today, as the weather hovers a little bit past stick-to-your-rib, bean-filled comfort food but nowhere near fresh bean season. As these things are usually determined by marketing and industry lobbies, I wonder about the lima bean consortium's agenda... Why now?

Don't confuse lima beans with butter beans, though the Brits do all the time. Limas are green and small and toothy, like favas, but far less fun. Lima beans are one of the main ingredients in succotash, and I do wish I had some of that right now. The Kingfish Cafe serves succotash, as does Rowdy Cowgirl BBQ, though for some reason they use edamame in it. Anyone know where to find some good succotash?

Fun fact about lima beans: Did you know eating as little as a half cup of these raw can seriously mess you up? They contain a compound that is an offshoot of cyanide and toxic when uncooked. (Fava beans have a similar characteristic.)

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