One Pot & Tots: Nina Planck on April 23rd


One Pot & Tots: Nina Planck on April 23rd

  • One Pot & Tots: Nina Planck on April 23rd

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    This evening of the one pot VIta Loft Series promises a kitchen sink of good food karma and much discussion about what we eat, what we feed our kids, and how it effects the world. Author Nina Planck is in town for a big event with Kim Ricketts' Good Life series on the 22nd, discussing her view of "real food," and this next evening is a chance for a more in depth encounter with the famous author and food advocate.

    "We've been wanting to do an event with parents and children for a long time, and having Nina be a part of it is fantastic. She really is an inspiration," says one pot organizer Michael Hebb. Planck writes expertly, and bluntly, about the benefits of "real" food over industrialized food. In her view, butter is better, raw trumps pasteurized, and whole is better than skim. Her demeanor is decidedly more fun to be around and less pedantic than the average "what you should be eating" professional, and her experience far more tangible, having an extensive background in farming and farmers markets.

    Tom French of the Experience Food Project, an organization dealing in part with better food in schools, will also be on hand to discuss the organization's local efforts. Dinner starts at 6:00pm, costs $60/person and includes your choice of one of Planck's books, either Real Food: What to Eat and Why or Real Food for Mother and Baby. Tickets available online.

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