Happy Hour: Tidbit Bistro

They bill themselves as "Napoli meets Madrid," but I'll just call it Mediterranean. Tidbit is working happy hour on North Capitol Hill like nobody's business: an intense 5-6pm 1/2 off the bar menu Tuesday through Friday. The mushroom crostini and fried risotto balls for nearly a buck washed down with two $3 glasses of wine are worth a stop. As a bonus on Wednesdays, the 1/2 off bar menu deal lasts until 9:30pm.

For extra bonus discounts, you can follow Tidbit on Twitter (@tidbitbistro), as they've sent out little teasers in the past for things like 30% nights at the restaurant for anyone who references the tweet, and fun events like THIS. They might think I'm mad after snapping at them via the Twitterverse for correcting my spelling in a tweet last week, not true. I just temporarily loose it over people who correct grammar/spelling in toss off, 140 character text messages. Am I wrong?

Tidbit Bistro, 2359 10th Ave. E.

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