Full Tilt: Bringing Together Ice Cream and Passover

After picking up my gefilte fish from On Safari, I zipped down to White Center (as long as I was close) for a roast chicken from Rosticeria Y Cucina Paisano (9615 15th Ave. S.W.), the virtues of which can be read HERE in Jonathan Kauffman's recent review. While I was in White Center, I figured I might as well stop in Full Tilt for a cone. Willpower is useless when everything you put in your pie hole is tax deductible. I got the Mexican chocolate, which would be perfect if they had Big Al's smoked porter on tap (not today, just the ESB), and a scoop of rosemary honey swirl. The first scoop and I are well acquainted, and when I got to the rosemary and honey, the guy behind the counter made sure I knew that they were running a Passover sundae special. What, what, what? The aforementioned ice cream topped with chocolate covered matzoh and charoset, a fruit and nut mixture usually part of the Seder. I love Northwestern pluck and ingenuity.

The ice cream sundae reminded me of a piece by Shalom Auslander I listened to on the car ride back from Denver, a story about the complex Hebrew food blessings he learned as a third grader in his Orthodox Jewish school that he shared on This American Life, "Oedipus Hex," act three of episode #281. His classroom humiliation over trying to figure out the proper blessing for an ice cream cone (is it about the ice cream, or the cone?) is high-larious.

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