Drinking & Diving With Mike Seely


Drinking & Diving With Mike Seely

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    Earlier tonight Seattle Weekly managing editor Mike Seely held the first reading for his new book, Seattle's Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Emerald City, at none other than the Blue Moon (712 N.E. 45th St.), the bar that graces the book's front cover. Said Seely, "When people ask me, 'What's a dive bar?' I tell them, you're sitting in it." Shocking to me was the number of people in attendance who were popping their Blue Moon cherry last night. Kids. Seriously? For shame. Charlie, the owner of The Sloop (2442 N.W. Market St.) was there. Stu from The Waterwheel attended, as did the consummate gentleman and bartender extraordinaire Murray Stenson. "Nice to see you in a good bar," he said and bought me a beer. Thank you, sir, and truly.

    Topics discussed at the reading (as culled from my Twitter): "Every time I go to The Waterwheel, I expect Gregg Allman to walk in..." The "mozzarella sticks as big as Jimi Hendrix's penis" from Wingmasters (5811 24th Ave. N.W.). The Rimrock Steakhouse: "Used to be, you could pass out on the floor with two bucks in your hand and still get another drink." "Long Island Iced Teas are never a good idea. At The Moon Temple, be sure to get a John Island Iced Tea, for mixology and potency..." But never ask what's in it. (The Moon Temple, 2108 N. 45th St. )

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