Don't Forget Seattle's Best Cookbook Sale


This weekend, the Friends of the Seattle Public Library is having its semiannual book sale, in which tens of thousands of Seattleites patrol the aisles of a Magnuson Park warehouse, pulling garbage cans on wheels to fill up with books. It's amazing to see the greed and sly pettiness that normally polite literate types tamp down until faced with the opportunity to shoulder their fellow readers out of the way to score dollar hardbacks. I love the spectacle.

It's also a way to score some major (and very minor) cookbook finds. This year I joined the Friends in order to get early access to the sale, but tomorrow it will be open to the rest of you starting at 9 a.m.

I wish you many happy finds, unless you're in my way.

(If you're hoping for a more relaxed book-shopping experience, Greenwood's having a big garage sale weekend. There are sure to be a few copies of the Joy of Cooking and microwave cookbooks on the tables.)

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