Date Night: Get on the Water

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You might want to file this date idea under "spontaneous," because if we know one thing about living in the Northwest, it's that our weather forecasters are not to be trusted. If you wake up one morning to find that elusive shining orb has appeared in the sky, grab your sweetie and head down to the Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club, located on the shores of Lake Union in the U District.

Rent a two-person kayak and work together as you paddle and steer your way towards the Arboretum, where you'll explore the watery corridors around Foster Island while keeping an eye out for bald eagles, turtles, and beavers--and being careful to avoid the boaters or practicing crew team (trust us, they're only patient to a point). Afterward, slip out of your kayak and into the adjoining Mexican-style restaurant to enjoy some much-deserved tacos and prickly-pear margaritas, which you can use to toast the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather-- because who knows what kind of day tomorrow will bring?

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