Boone's Farm: A Tribute To Sugary, Fizzy, Alcoholic Greatness

If you're looking for something to do with the last hour or so of your workday that is not work, reading the Boone's Farm testimonials is as good a way to waste your time as any. I've gotta credit my good friend Jen for sending me this link; that girl has an uncanny knack for finding the funniest shit in the most unlikely places on the Internet. I envy her skill. Seriously, these may be almost as funny as the best of Craigslist and/or LOLcats. Here's a good one from Ken of San Antonio, Texas:

"Back when I was in high school, we used to buy Boone's Farm on Wednesday nights when the blind guy was working at the liquor store. We had to drink it with straws to finish it before mom got home from Bingo."

Oh my God, I want to join that guy's family. Alas, my own memories of discovering Boone's Farm at 15 mainly involve feeling like I had discovered sugary, fizzy, alcoholic manna from heaven, which my body quickly and efficiently transformed into sugary, fizzy, alcoholic vomit.

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