What Would Busey Drink?

The real Gary Busey (as opposed to his Seattle doppelganger) drinks Heineken. That we know from an acquaintance who worked on the set of Surviving the Game. But what if Busey were gay? What would he drink then?

This was a question posed by a soused patron many years ago to Luau Polynesian Lounge proprietor/bartender Tony Boitano. But rather than blowing the drunk off, Boitano came up with an answer: The Flaming Gary Busey, which contains three shots of Stoli raspberry, a splash of sweet and sour, muddled limes, and cranberry juice. Boitano's creation is swishy kin to C.C. Attle's fabled Gayhound (Ruby Red vodka with a splash of grapefruit juice), and, like the Gayhound, will put you on a one-way train to Blackoutsville if you dare consume more than two.

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