Voracious Highlights of the Week

This week, Voracious writers banded together to share some deeply shameful secrets:

The ever crafty Maggie Savarino Dutton confesses she's been using her Crock-Pot to culture milk; that she supports the funding of mobile slaughter units, which are, despite their name, not the spawn of Christine; and that she's plotting to help Seattle Beer Week shame Philadelphia in its success. Why she hates Philly so much is still a mystery.

In her brunch review, Suzie Rugh confesses that her high school nickname was "Rooster." Well, OK, only a few people called her that.

Erika Hobart confesses that she finally met a bartender who's immune to her charms.

Jonathan Kauffman confesses that he was too lazy to summarize Culinary Communion's long and sad closing announcement. Also, that he buys $1.99/pound asparagus, and that he hates the smell of burned fryer oil but loves the smell of beef and star anise. He promises to keep further details of his olfactory preferences private.

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