Reasons to Love Twitter: Neil Gaiman and a Jelly Trough

Twitter is part nonsense and part genius, which is a better average than the rest of the Internet. A self-indulgent way to keep up with friends and stalkers, once every 8 hours I get a little pearl like this one, from the rakish creator of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman:

neilhimself: As her uncle shuffles off IDRIS puts her hand into the jelly trough, licks jelly from her hand, then she brings out a long shard of metal.

neilhimself: There. That was 140 chars from scene 1.

I'm hooked! What's with the jelly? Why is IDRIS all caps? Is that an acronym, like D.A.R.R.Y.L.? What will happen next? I think he should twitter an entire graphic novel about jelly, 140 characters at a time, twitpics included.

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