Noooooo...Chang Ahn Jung Goes Chinese

A comment on the Seattle Weekly 2009 Favorite Restaurants site alerted me to the fact that Chang Ahn Jung, a Korean restaurant in Federal Way I liked so much that it became my Portland-drive pitstop, has the same name, Korean-speaking owners -- but now the menu's Chinese-Korean.

I'm devastated at the thought that jjajangmyeon has replaced that black-cod casserole I loved so much. I last ate there relatively recently, and decided to include Chang Ahn Jung in the Favorite Restaurants issue after visiting three other Korean restaurants.

So in place of Chang Ahn Jung, I'd recommend three other Korean restaurants, all in Lynnwood: a longtime favorite, Ka Won Korean Barbecue; the newer, swanker Sorabol; or Sam Oh Jung, where I've eaten great hot pots, soybean-paste stew, and mul naengmyeon. Federal Way, you have let me down.

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