Monsoon East: Twittering your boss?

Accept it, Twitter is bigger than us all, for at least another 12 to 20 months anyway. Last week, a scandal broke with a fake Christopher Walken tweeter, Courtney Love is getting sued for libel in part due to a barrage of slanderous tweets, and opinions roll down the screen at a rate that makes viral marketing a more appropriate phrase than ever. As a restaurant owner, it becomes harder and harder to control the information spun about your business, let alone find it or respond to it.

So what do you do when an employee starts tweeting in your name? @MonsoonEast has over 700 followers and does a reasonably fine job giving the restaurant positive buzz, but every once in a while the tweets pick on the Bellevue restaurant's customers. What would you do if you were Monsoon owner, Eric Banh?

And what might your employees or co-workers be tweeting about you? Careful, careful...

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