Happy Hour at the Sorrento Hotel in 60...

...unless you're a doctor, then please to enjoy an extra hour of happy, starting now. We're getting press releases up the wazoo about new amazing happy hours. ($6 cocktails are not amazing to me, people.)

The Hunt Club's Happy Hour has got to be one of the best and brightest to enter the scene of late. From 4:00 to 6:00pm and repeating from 9:00pm until close, you can enjoy a full menu of bar snacks ranging from $1 (pistachios, chips) to $5 (caesar salad, crab mac n' cheese) along with $4 wells and wines by the glass and $2.50 domestics. If this place were in the financial district of Chicago, you'd never get a table, but because it's on Pill Hill, there's always a spot at the dark wood bar, amazing. Did I mention it runs EVERY DAY? (The Hunt Club, inside the Sorrento Hotel, 900 Madison Street)

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