The Perfect Meal in Port Townsend?

Most people's idea of the perfect Seattle-area meal usually revolves Canlis, the Met, Rover's, or a hot new spot like the Corson Building. I could probably have been counted among this common chorus as well, until I visited a small upstairs pub in Port Townsend called Sirens this past Saturday, which happened to be Valentine's Day.

They had great local beer on tap, and we opted for the most local of beers: Port Townsend Brewing's Scotch Ale. They had some fine music on the stereo, too: Cat Power's The Greatest, played in its woozy, seductive entirety. Out the window was a clear sky darkening over Puget Sound, and on my plate was bacon-wrapped tenderloin. The perfect meal, evidently, is the one you don't expect -- but you know it when it happens. And man, did it happen on Saturday night.

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