The Mistake That Keeps on Giving

You know how your tongue slips sometimes, and you utter something imbecilic, but even when you correct yourself the error takes on a life of its own? (I think Hillary Clinton knows what I'm talking about.)

Somehow it got into my head that Shiku Sushi, which I just reviewed, and Moshi Moshi, which opens today, were in each other's location. And I wrote that in the first draft of my review, and mentioned it in a quick post I put up about the opening of Kevin Erickson's new sushi restaurant. The moment I found out I took the post down, and corrected the galleys of my article. But our newsletter writer

repeated my error in the newsletter, and our copy chief misread my messily

scribbled proofreader's marks. The #4^#$^# screwup won't die.

So for the record, let me repeat: DiVino = Shiku. Moshi-Moshi

= a beautiful new space down the block. You can't believe how contrite

every one of us in Editorial is. At this

point, though, we have to laugh. The bitter, bitter laughter of the


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