The Fortune Sports Bar's Sidewalk Is What We Thought It Was


Which is to say, a haven for open-air drug dealing, as evidenced by the arrest of two alleged narcotics peddlers (one of whom is pictured above) on the 600 block of King Street around 9 p.m. SPD spokesperson Mark Jamieson confirms that a pair of gentlemen were subjected to "an on-view narcotics arrest by the West Precinct's anti-crime team, and booked into jail."

Area barfly (and SW marketing director) Kerri "Cherry Canoe" Harrop was eating dumplings across the street when shit went down . While handcuffs and flashing lights repel most people, our Cherry is not most people -- and thus headed into the bar for a bottle of Bud. There were lots of people eating the Fortune's signature fried gizzards, she's happy to report, and Marty Robbins' "El Paso" was playing on the jukebox.

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