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    My friend Kinsey and I have been perplexed over a certain cut of meat found in the cooler at our local QFC, a "boneless cross rib steak." Now, a cross rib roast is ideal for pot roast, one of the cuts considered to be in the beef chuck family. Beef chuck comes from the shoulder and neck; and these meats need braising or slow roasting because chuck may be super flavorful, but it's also tough and gristly.

    Chatting it up with the guys at Bob's Quality Meats, I perplexed them, too. "If you even did a cross rib roast as a steak, it would be considered a chuck steak, but that cut makes such a nice roast I don't know why you'd do that." You'd do it so you could 1.) avoid using the word "chuck" and 2.) put the word "steak" on the label and sell one for only $2.74 ($4.99/lb), but really what you're selling is a slice of stew meat, which grills up as well as a filet of my shoe. I guess you could drown it in marinade; but even still, you're better off with flank steak (cut the right way). Anything tender enough to pan fry or grill like a steak should cost like it.

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