Pizza Outbreak Spreading in NW Seattle

Holy crap, thatza lotta pizza. But if I had to wish for any kind of outbreak, it would definitely be a pizza outbreak. Jonathan wrote up part of the first offensive earlier this year, that included three new pie joints added to the Ballard pizza mix, amongst handfuls of other established places like Madame K's and Palermo. Snoose Junction adds an outpost of their popular Ballard pizza place to Holman Road this month, right where it kinks into 105th St (via PhinneyWood). New York style pizza comes to the sickeningly adorable stretch of NW 70th just west of 15th Ave. NW and right across from A Caprice Kitchen. Brandon Pettit, aka Mr. Orangette, is working on the build out Delancey, named in honor of the famous LES street in Manhattan in honor style pizza he will serve there.

New York, blah blah blah... Can this Chi-town girl ask a favor? Next guy that opens a pizza joint care to explore the world of deep dish? Pleeeeeeeeeeeez! And I'm talking about the cheesy soup in a dough bowl they serve in nasty Chicago chains. Deep dish can be good...I swear!

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