New Menu Jargon Alert: Fourchette


A little while ago, I was eating (for pleasure, not work) with friends at Restaurant Zoe and spotted this menu description. What in the hell was the "honey rutabaga fourchette" with the chicken breast? Fourchette is French for "fork," and I couldn't imagine Scott Staples carving a utensil out of a root vegetable.

Luckily, my friend ordered the dish, and the fourchette turned out to be a coarse puree of rutabagas lightly sweetened with honey -- a variation on pommes de terre à la fourchette, or fork-mashed potatoes. Like I said, I was off the clock and on the sauce, so all I can tell you about the rutabaga fork is that it was good. The bacon-stock-braised brussels sprouts were predictably delicious, too.

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